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Investment Methodology

Beating the market each and every year is not a mandate we subscribe to. As a firm (and this applies to any firm or individual) it’s unrealistic to believe we can consistently outperform the market. Having the knowledge of financial instruments and the wisdom for navigating financial decision making is where we prove our value.

Financial media and noise often crowds out wisdom, causing investors to adopt a conservative posture when things are “bad” and a “risk euphoria” when things are “good.” True wisdom, however, lies in understanding your specific objectives and risk budget—and not altering your strategy in response to the latest headlines, chatter or news. Our approach is to devise a viable, common sense strategy that will allow you to build a plan around your goals.

Our Core Methodology:

  • Keep cash reserves or “bunker” money accessible and safe. Monies needed in two years or less should not be invested with our firm.
  • Divide assets into specific buckets to pursue established short- and long-term goals:

Bucket 1: 2-4 year goals
Comprised of: Fixed income, cash alternatives, long/short accounts, structured notes, floating rate funds, municipal bonds.

Bucket 2: 5 to 10 year goals
Comprised of: Dividend paying stocks, asset allocation funds, high yield bonds, emerging market debt, funds, ETFs, Dimensional Fund Advisors strategies, active and passive management strategies, REITS.

Bucket 3: 10+ year goals
Comprised of: Real estate, real assets, mutual funds, individual stocks, long-only stock portfolios, commodities.

Depending on your risk budget and need for portfolio income and growth, we will employ up to three strategies or investment portfolios. Active management will be commonly used in buckets one and two. Buckets one and two are used when income distribution strategies are in place, when a pool of funds are redeemed, and assets required for planned expenses, opportunities or unforeseen emergencies.

Bucket 3 can be comprised of mutual funds, equities, existing real estate, or private placement, private equity. 

No strategy insures a profit or protects against loss. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Vision Wealth does not provide direct real estate or commodity investment options, but may offer access to these types of investments through publicly traded mutual funds, or other similar pooled investment vehicles. A funds expense, risk and objectives are detailed in its prospectus, and should carefully be considered before investing. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any securities. You should contact your advisor before investing.

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